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Herbal Pharmacy

We have a large pharmacy of herbal medicines, the majority of which are for making custom prescriptions for our patients.  We do keep in stock many ready-made, pre-packaged herbs and formulas that are available for the general public to purchase.

We have an in-house made specialized line of salves available for purchase:

Arnica Salve: bruising, burns, aches

Working Hands Salve : All over skin healing salve. Use on feet cracks, finger cracks, dry skin, and as a lubricant.

St. John's Wort Salve: Heals minor abrasions. Minimizes skin burns and discolorations from radiation therapy.

Grindelia Salve: For bites, stings and rashes. 

Yerba del Manso Salve: Local plant with incredible healing properties. 

Jade Yellow Ointment: For heat and damp heat conditions of the skin. 


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Socorro, New Mexico  87801
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