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Herbal Pharmacy

We have a large pharmacy of herbal medicines, the majority of which are for making custom prescriptions for our patients.  We do keep in stock many ready-made, pre-packaged herbs and formulas that are available for the general public to purchase.
Here are some of the supplements we always have:

Jarrow brand:

Flaxseed oil capsules
Omega 3 "DHA-EPA"
Milk Thistle standardized extract
Saw Palmetto capsules
B-Right (B complex)


Coenzyme Q10
Gingko leaf standardized extract
Bone-Up  (Calcium/Magnesium)


Desert Herbals, LLC  brand:
Herbal Microbial tincture and glycerite
Arnica salve
Working Hands salve
St. John's Wort salve
Grindelia salve
Yerba del Manso salve

205B School of Mines Rd.
P.O. Box 233
Socorro, New Mexico  87801
(575) 835-4787 (phone and fax)