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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Does acupuncture hurt?
Generally speaking, acupuncture does not hurt.  That being said, it is important to note that acupuncture treatments often have sensations.  Heaviness, aches, and movement feelings are very common.  Rarely, on insertion of a needle, there may be a sting or electrical shock feeling but it soon passes.  It never feels like the insertion of a hypodermic needle.
Sometimes after a treatment, especially in treating pain syndromes, there may be aches experienced for a day or two.  This is normal and should occur less as treatment progresses.  The vast majority of treatments bring relaxation and a feeling of well-being, and reduced pain.

How long does a treatment last?
Your appointment is scheduled for an hour, and you should plan to be here that long.  Treatments can be shorter, depending on what is being treated.  The needles are in place from 15 to 45 minutes.

Does insurance cover my treatment?
Most health insurance plans cover acupuncture.  None that we are aware of cover herbal medicine.  Let our office staff know what insurance you have and we can check if you have coverage.  We are preferred providers for Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, NM Health Connections, Meritain, TriWest, and a few others.  Workman's Compensation insurance and insurance related to a vehicle accident usually cover acupuncture.

Can I exercise after a treatment?
With some exceptions, you should not exercise right after a treatment.  Even though the needles have been removed, the treatment is continuing in your body.   It is best to give yourself at least an hour before engaging in exercise.

Can you work with my Medical Doctor?
Yes.  We receive referrals from MD's, DO's and DC's.  There are several physicians in Socorro who regularly refer patients to us (and visa versa).

Can I have acupuncture if I am taking a blood thinning medicine?
Yes.  The acupuncture needles are very very thin.  Patients on properly controlled blood thinning agents experience no more potential for a bruise or bleeding than those patients not on blood thinning agents.




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