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Change of Season: Spring

by Jeanne Dixon, DOM

    So you may ask-why is Jeanne posting a Spring article when there are still snow storms in the news?  Well, the transition to Spring starts much earlier than our calendar tells us.  The very first hint toward Spring happens sometime in February, when nature's hold on winter begins to wane.  The body and spirit know this change well before the calendar proclaims that Spring is here!

    Spring is the time when the energy of the Liver system becomes active.  The Liver is considered a Wood phase in oriental medicine and like a tree in the Spring, Liver's energy wants to flourish and move outward.  People who have Liver issues may find that Springtime is an especially difficult time for them, as their deficient and/or excess Liver function can't keep up with the demands that Spring places on it.  Headaches, emotional disturbances, dizziness, high blood pressure aggravations, and rashes are some of the typical Springtime Liver functions disturbances that can occur.

  The Liver is especially affected by wind.  And we all know that here in Central New Mexico Springtime is synonymous with wind.  So those of you out there who notice that their health is worsened in the windy weather- you are not crazy.

  Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine treatments can be very helpful to nourish and course the Liver, expel the wind and prevent the worst of Springtime complaints.  Ideally, treatment should begin before the peak of the Spring.

   The water in the irrigation ditches turns on March 1st!