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Can acupuncture and herbal medicine help eliminate kidney stones?

I have had the opportunity over the years to help several patients with the passing of kidney stones.  This area of medicine is an example where western medicine and oriental medicine work wonderfully together. 

Recently I had a patient come to me with intense lower abdominal pain.  Initially, I attempted to relieve the pain with acupuncture but it did not subside after a quick attempt.  I directed the patient to the emergency room where, through a CT scan, a large (6mm) kidney stone was found stuck in the urethra.  The patient was given pain killers and an appointment was made with a urologist for the following day. 

The patient returned to my office and an herbal formula based on his condition, along with twice weekly acupuncture was given.  After his first acupuncture treatment he was free of pain.  The patient's visit with the urologist the next day confirmed the 6mm kidney stone, along with several more smaller stones in his bladder. 

The patient elected to continue with the acupuncture, and delay the surgery the urologist suggested.  After 2 weeks of treatment, he returned to his general practitioner who, through imaging, found no trace of stones.  Through his treatment with us, he had no pain.  He was able to avoid surgery.  In addition, he reports that he feels better than he has in "a long while".